What is #BaileysLaw?

When a person drives drunk and kills someone, that person is charged with manslaughter- not because they *intended* to kill someone but because they knew they were breaking the law by driving while under the influence and their criminal action directly resulted in a loss of life.

Yet, in NY and most of the country, when a person knowingly, intentionally, targets a person with a disability (such as autism, other developmental disability, or acquired disability) in an intentional crime- fully aware that their actions will harm that disabled person- and their criminal actions directly result in the death of their victim by suicide, our laws PREVENT charging these perpetrators for the death of their victim.

People with autism and other developmental or cognitive disabilities are incredibly vulnerable to perpetrators and are victimized 3x more than any other subgroup.

When one INTENDS to harm our loved ones with a disability and their criminal actions result in death, these perpetrators NEED to be held accountable for the death they caused, the death they set in motion by their criminal act and intentional targeting of someone who could not defend themselves. This is the fundamental premise of Bailey’s Law. If you target our disabled loved ones and your crime directly results in their death, you WILL be held accountable.

Please, join us in our efforts to get this vital legislation passed!

Gae Marie, Bailey’s Mom